Model United Nations is an activity that seeks to simulate the proceedings of the United Nations. Through MUN, participants get to acquaint themselves with the on-going politics happening around the globe. These simulations take place at conferences where delegates are required to represent member-States of UN or unique characters at pre-decided topics or unplanned crises.

Model United Nations In NUST PNEC (MUNINP III) catch hold of diversified group from myriad university/college students from around Pakistan to have a healthy debate over global issues. Its quintessence rests in the ideology and a promise to provide participants with an enriched learning and spectacular social experience while clinging to the true aim of conference that is to educate the youth about the work of different bodies that comprise UN and developing the sense of diplomacy.






















Dear all,

I, on behalf of the entire Executive Board and Executive Council for the year 2016 warmly welcome you all to the third edition of MUNINP.

I am currently a student of Electrical Engineering at NUST, PNEC and I did my intermediate from Bahria College Karsaz. My MUN career started in the year 2014 when I attended my first MUN i.e. MUNINP’14. I am utterly delighted and proud to preside the MUN which actually started my MUNing career.

In this year’s edition, not only do we have dazzling social events but also some mind-boggling committees.

Stay tuned as we slowly unveil the details of the event on our page.

I am looking forward to see you all in MUNINP III and I wish you all good luck for the conference.

Hamza Khalid


Ladies & Gentlemen!

Greetings to all of you.

There was a time when I was a person who was not able to stand on the podium and address even a small number of audiences. But one day I decided to groom myself as a fine quality speaker whose words must be supported by logics of the mind as well as feelings of the heart, no matter how much struggle needed.

This decision made me participate in numerous national as well as international Debates, Declamation, Presentation Competitions & MUNs afterwards and grabbing a number of awards by the grace of Allah Almighty. All these activities helped me refining my personality introducing an essence of diplomacy in it as well as my thinking perspective and now people say that I can convince easily anybody in front of me.

By profession, I am a student of Mechanical Engineering here at NUST – PNEC with having the honor of serving as SECRETARY GENERAL of MUNINP.

My sincere advice to all of you is that always speak by your heart else saying someone else’s words.

Eager to host you all at MUNINP III.

Sharjeel Ahmed

Secretary General

Dear future participants of MUNINP III,

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome to this year’s Model United Nations In NUST PNEC and to say how grateful I feel for being the Director General of 3rd edition of MUNINP.

From the 1st edition to the 3rd, MUNINP has evolved into a big forum for likeminded young people and it has given them the opportunity to discuss, analyze and solve some of the world’s most difficult issues. It is gratifying to note that the agenda of MUNINP covers a wide range of very interesting items relating to the general theme of the conference: Peaceful Tomorrow.

In addition to this, for the first time in any MUN in Pakistan, we are simulating House Of Commons Of UK which would provide delegates with an opportunity to portray themselves as a member of British Parliament.

As the Director General of MUNINP III, I can promise that the array of social events planned will enthrill all of the individual present. Last but not least, I can say that I am more than anxious to face all the demanding situations that will come up while preparing this amazing conference!

I am truly looking forward to meet the new people who will participate as delegates.

Raza Ali

Director General

Dear all,

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome to the third edition of MUNINP. I will be responsible for managing delegate affairs and your overall experience, both prior to and during the conference, so it is my utmost priority to deliver a truly meaningful and inspiring experience to you all.

MUNINP will serve as a platform for you to discuss and resolve the enigmatic issues and complications of the world by voicing your opinions and viewpoints with conviction through constructive debate, which will bring us one step closer to our goal — a Peaceful Tomorrow.

Mahnoor Pasha

USG Delegate Affairs

Dear future participants,

Since freshman year I have been a part of MUNINP, and it has been a great honour. MUNINP is something really close to me, as I have learned a lot from it.
This year we are bringing the 3rd edition, and are working to make it even better.

Hope to see you guys this November.


Rafay Malikk

USG Secretariat Affairs

You need to aim beyond what you are capable of to witness life bringing wonders to you. Cutting the cord from the label of shy girl i had been tagged with, I pushed my limits and escaped out of my comfort zone to emerge into a confident girl I never imagined myself as. I would call out all the young blood to overcome their fears and explore within themselves, work towards a cause and strive for a positive change. That’s what brings revolution!

It is my proud privilege to welcome you to MUNINP which is home to young, passionate and innovative minds.

I believe that your wholehearted cooperation with us can aid this event in reaching the pinnacle of success as it has always been.

Sidra Tariq

Deputy Director General

Greetings Everyone!

Currently a student of Electrical Engineering at PNEC-NUST, I will be the treasurer for MUNINP III.

My interest in being the treasurer is split between getting more involved with the Model United Nations and handling the challenges of the event’s budget. I consider myself a good fit for the role as I am hard working, organized and committed to the role, balancing our budget to ensure that we all get the most out of our society and you get the most out of your committee.

Together with our exceptional team, I hope to make this experience for you, one worth remembering for years to come.

Hira Amin


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