Specialized Agencies

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

This committee upholds democratic values and encourages consultation and cooperation on defence and security problems to make trust and, within the long haul, forestall conflict. It is committed to the peaceful resolution of disputes. Pull things together and walk to MUNINP as it urges delegates to achieve collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security.


Lo and behold! For the FIRST time ever in Pakistani MUN history, MUNINP would carve its name by presenting HOC at its conference. Abandon the diplomatic, ordered debate of UN and plunge into thrilling world of party politics.

Senate Of Roman Empire

Can you stabilize Roman society, or will the Rome begin to start its decline at your hands? YOU are in charge of changing the history of the world, by using your Model UN skills to determine what to do after the death of Caesar. MUNINP brings the finest committee to you namely Senate of the Roman Empire. Do you have what it takes to be part of this?


The Future Warfare Summit deliberates the trend and nature of modern warfare and what these progressions mean for global security. MUNINP, for the FIRST TIME EVER in PAKISTAN, introduces FWS where future challenges and perspectives of warfare are likely to be hammered out among the quintessential delegates.

International Olympic Forum

Keen as mustard to blend sport with culture and education? International Olympic Forum at MUNINP convenes delegates to promote a life based on joy of effort, the educational value and respect for universal fundamental ethical values. It’s a platform where delegates will preserve and promote 120-year-old Olympic legacy.


It’s about time we dismantle the shackles of patriarchal society, atrocities committed against women and the unequal treatment of women. It’s high time to lay them to rest. Let the feminist in you speak to work for the elimination of discrimination against women; empowerment of women; and achievement of equality between women and men.

Pakistan National Assembly

Ever thought what it would feel like to be present in a room with Imran Khan, Chaudhry Nisar and both the Sharif brothers? Well, Pakistan National Assembly at MUNINP gives the opportunity to be one of them for three days. Grab the points on politics and walk in to show signs of acumen and mature conception together with a spur of humor and amusement.


Ever imagined facing the representatives of India and talk about the lingering issues between the two states one-on-one? Then look no further! Pak-India dialogue at MUNINP will make this dream of yours come true but BRACE YOURSELF, it is bound to be a very fiery affair.